meet KEREN


Keren is a food creator and passionate foodie who loves to eat, experiment and learn about anything new and exciting. Once a mindless eater, Keren now promotes plant-based foods and living a conscientious and purposeful life.

She is the author of Passionately Keren, a food and lifestyle where she shares her favourite recipes, food tips and inspiring articles to help other foodies make the transition to a greener and healthier lifestyle.

She is the founder of Beyond Latte, helping people cut down on their coffee intake by providing them with nourishing caffeine-free spice blend that's not only delicious but also good for you. 





Founder of Sadhana Kitchen and author of The Naked Vegan, Maz is an everyday vegan making organic plant-based wholefoods as delicious and accessible as possible. In Sanskrit Sadhana means "conscious spiritual practice" and Maz believes that what we chose to eat should be considered part of our daily ritual. Maz will share with you how connecting to our food cultivates our inherent wisdom and her recipe courses will help you thrive. The best part is, it’s all super delicious!


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Founder of GrowSPACE and the creative visionary of The Revival, Daniel is an Everyday Vegan making a difference with his self-watering garden products, workshops & sustainable growing techniques. His courses will teach you the basics on how to grow your own food at home using less space and very minimal effort, with no digging, weeding or daily watering required... Simply fill up once a week and watch your plants grow! Best part is - you don't even need a garden! 




President of the Bondi Beach Bar Brutes and founder of the Modern Day Vegan, Stan Veniaminov is shifting the cultural paradigm on vegan athleticism, proving that you don't need to eat meat to be fit, strong and healthy. Join him as he teaches us step by step how to sustainably build muscle, shed fat and gain strength without causing harm to ourselves, others and the environment. Best part is - his exercise routines are so simple, they can be done anywhere, anytime!


Fiona Halar is a firm believer that what we put into our bodies has a profound effect on our health, our planet and all who inhabit it. That's why she's passionate about busting nutrition and fitness myths and advocates a plant based lifestyle. Committed to helping others lead an ecologically sustainable and compassionate lifestyle, her information will teach you how to make healthier food choices that make you feel your best, with nutritional advice backed by scientific research.

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